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Tunisia is a non-apostille country & it has different requirements for document authentication and legalization. Please contact us to learn more about the unique requirements to have documents authenticated for Tunisia.


The minimum requirements for any shipments to Tunisia are that a Certificate of Origin and a Commercial Invoice must be legalized at the Consular Section of the Embassy here in Washington DC.

In order for the document to be recognized by the Embassy, it first needs to be certified by the National US Arab Chamber of Commerce (NUSACC).

Any other document requiring legalization will be processed through the Embassy of Tunisia. In order for the document to be recognized by the Embassy, it would first need to be certified by the U.S. State Department. As part of our service, we can take your documents to the U.S. State Department and also advise you on their exact requirements before they will place their seal.


Please complete the attached order form and send along with your document to WCS. In order to obtain legalization, WCS will need the original document. This should be a signed, notarized or a State issued Document.

The Legalization process at the Embassy usually takes about 3-4 business days.

Customers should include their own return airway bill issued by UPS or FedEx with the document, along with a check or credit card information for payment of legalization fees. For individual orders please complete your credit card number on the form.


Questions?? No problem. Just give us a call – 1-866-ALL-DOCS (255-3627).


Service Fee

WCS service fee is extremely competitive and offers unbeatable value for the level of service and efficiency we provide. We have not listed our service fees here because they can vary according to the type of document. Get in touch with us regarding your specific needs for a free and customized price quote.

Standardized Fees

Below are standard fees involved in obtaining legalization. But depending on the type of document, please note that not all fees will apply

WCS Notary $5 per document If necessary to authenticate to our local State Department
DC Treasury $15 Sometimes needed prior to U.S. State Dept. – Seal
U.S. State Dept. $8
Embassy of Tunisia $40 Per document
Messenger $30/45 Depending on the type of document and how many stops we made

Please call if you need clarification or more details.


U.S. Embassy in Tunisia
Les Berges du Lac
1053 TUNIS
Main switchboard: +216 71 107 000
Fax: +216 71 963 263

Tunisia’s Embassy in U.S.
1515 Massachusetts Avenue Northwest,
Washington, DC 20005, United States
Tel: (202) 862-1850
Fax: (202) 862-1858

We look forward to being of service to you!