Pakistan accedes to the Apostille Convention

Fifty-two years after the Apostille Treaty was created at the Hague Convention, growth in new signatories continues: On March 9th, 2023, Pakistan will become the newest participant.

As of this date, the Pakistani Embassy will no longer accept documents for the legalization process, but rather engage in the streamlined Apostille process, as established by the treaty.

At WCS, we have already prepared for a smooth transition. WCS will provide you with an apostille for Pakistan. From there, your document will be completed and ready for use in Pakistan—no additional steps are required.

Processing time at the U.S. Department of State is currently 11 weeks. All new document authentications, therefore, will be processed as apostilles starting March 9, 2023.

Pakistan will abolish the traditional requirement for legalization, which is often a lengthy and costly legalization process, with the issuance of a single Apostille certificate. This simplified framework facilitates the international circulation of public documents for individuals, families, and regulatory operators.

The HCCH 1961 Apostille convention has over 120 contracting parties and has become one of the most widely applied multilateral treaties in legal cooperation, with several million Apostilles issued each year.

Pakistan now joins recent new participants to the Hague treaty, such as Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. As always, you can count on WCS to manage the transition.

Westex CEO

WCS – Westex Group Gains Advisory Board Seat at the Global Chamber

WCS and its sister company, Westex Group, were delighted to host the Global Chamber’s Autumn event in support of global trade. During the event, Varghese George, founder and CEO was welcomed and introduced as the newest member of the Advisory Board by the Chamber’s Mi Jeong Hibbitts.

Varghese George recounted how his company began in a one-room office on Washington’s storied K Street corridor. He professed optimism for the future of global trade and breakthroughs in the supply-chain system. On K Street, situated among Washington’s influential power-brokers, he built a dynamic enterprise in the mid-1980s, exporting American goods to international infrastructure projects.

Shortly after, he saw a new business opportunity and founded WCS (Washington Consular Services) to meet the documentation requirements of the same businesses sending goods abroad. As developments have progressed, WCS is now a pioneer in document legalization and apostille services for the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors. Many of the most well-known global brands in various areas are represented on the company’s esteemed client list.

WCS, or Washington Consular Services, handles direct, comprehensive, and trustworthy document authentication services for international corporations. Westex Group is a renowned supply-chain management service specializing in locating materials, managing procurement, and facilitating export while adhering to budgets and deadlines. Please reach out to our associates at:



Saudi Arabia Joins Apostille Treaty

Saudi Arabia Joins Apostille Treaty

Exciting news in the world of document authentication: Saudi Arabia, on December 7, 2022, will become the newest participant in the Apostille Treaty, created at the Hague Convention in 1961.

As of December 7, 2022, Saudi Embassy will no longer accept documents for the legalization process, but rather engage the streamlined apostille process, as established by the treaty.

At WCS, we have already prepared for a smooth transition. WCS will provide you an apostille for Saudi Arabia and, as an add-on service, we can provide a Bilateral U.S.-Arab Chamber stamp.

Processing time at the U.S. Department of State is currently 11 weeks. All new document authentications, therefore, will be processed as apostilles. (Any current legalization would miss the cutoff date of December 7, and be ineligible for completion.)

This will save regulatory managers from overlapping processes or any confusion. Saudi Arabian document authentications will now run as quickly and simply as any apostille!

We have a lot to be thankful to those international leaders who convened in the Hague in 1961 to fashion an agreement that has forever simplified the process of international trade and documentation.

With recent new participants to the Hague treaty, such as Indonesia and Singapore, Saudi Arabia now joins more than 100 nations. As always, you can count on WCS to manage the transition.

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WCS Announces Major IT Roll Out

In constant pursuit of enhanced Customer Experience, WCS has entered the final stage of our latest investment in online service-delivery. 

Leading the way in apostilles and legalizations, WCS has already placed many of the new features online, including a new Conversation Tab, accessible on the Order page. 

In one consolidated folder, clients can conduct dialogues with our expert document-processors, as well as review document orders, including pricing, timeline, geographical distribution, and more.

Another significant feature, nearing completion, is the consolidation of WCS Express™ (our ordering platform) and WCS SecureShare™ (our encrypted document transmission platform) into a unitary sign-in.

In June, we established our International tab, enabling clients to designate documents with OUS origination (Outside of U.S.).

We have also upgraded our reporting and data-management capabilities, enabling advanced and customized reports for revenue performance, customer spend, and ancillary costs. 

Additionally, clients will be automatically prompted to upload shipping labels when placing an order, saving time and money later in the process. As always, however, we provide the convenient option of providing shipping via Fedex. 

Even better than sending original documents is having a process that can be completed with digital copies. We keep you current on the growing number of document-types and destinations that qualify for 100% digital transactions. Our client simply uploads the document—and we take it from there.

Recently, we had a certified third-party run a PEN test, and we achieved the highest levels of cyber security. Specifically, we passed the stringent security requirements of the European Union.

Taken as a whole, these enhancements serve a core purpose: to alleviate your staff’s workload and increase your speed-to-market. 

Set up an account today—at . . and let WCS manage your documentary needs, with apostilles and legalizations made easy.

Indonesian flag blowing in clear skies

Indonesia Joins the Apostille Treaty

On June 4, 2022, Indonesia, a powerhouse nation with a growing population of 270 million, joined the Apostille Treaty, marking the 61st anniversary of the treaty’s accord. 

Created in 1961 at the Hague Convention in the Netherlands, the Apostille Treaty currently has 121 signatory nations—participating in a simplified process for transborder documents. The apostille system greatly reduces the red tape required for vital transactions. Pharmaceutical approvals, shipping documents, academic records, adoption papers, powers-of-attorney—all these transactions benefit from the streamlined apostille process. Largely replaced has been the traditional methods of legalization requiring Embassy review and approval of documents.

Today, any document having both origination and destination in apostille countries can be authenticated in one step. Traditional legalization can take up to several weeks—or in some cases months—under Covid restrictions.

The work of the Hague Convention, however, remains incomplete. Indonesia’s signing of the Apostille Treaty signals a milestone for a treaty which has yet to attract the approval of countries as diverse as Canada, China, Egypt, Vietnam, and Saudi Arabia. 

Underscoring the significance of this event, is Indonesia’s presence in the global pharmaceutical market. Pharmaceuticals and medical devices comprise a significant portion of transborder documentation. In 2021, Indonesia ranked as the largest market in the ASEAN regions, with a value of USD $10.11 billion.

The road to the Hague was a long one for Indonesia. The Hague Convention itself, little known in most circles, has a storied past, dating back to the 1890’s and including matters of diplomacy that range from arms control and rules-of-war to cross-border adoptions. The Apostille Treaty has been among its most successful contributions to international relations and global trade.

In recent times, its application has shifted largely to pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Highly regulated to protect the public, pharma has become a fully globalized industry. Transborder mergers and acquisitions mark a commercial landscape where manufacturing is frequently off-shored and medicinal products are then distributed to countries around the globe. 

For Indonesia, the move to apostilles promises to improve the business climate. By offering this time-and-cost-saving method, the giant South Pacific nation intends to enhance its competitive position.

And for companies and individuals doing business in Indonesia, life just got easier.

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