The RAPS Convergence Convention Wrap Up

WCS was honored to host a booth at the annual Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society (RAPS) Regulatory Convergence from September 9-12 in National Harbor, MD. It is always stimulating to be amongst your peers in an environment that encourages education, professionalism, and camaraderie. For WCS, it was a rare opportunity to meet old friends, current clients, and potential clients.

The best part of the event was the personal interaction with regulatory professionals from many companies. Without exception, each person I met was eager to learn from industry leaders and apply best practices to drive regulatory and organizational performance. To put it simply, they were there to learn how to do their jobs even better.

With such a nurturing environment, we were very excited to demonstrate our new software product, WCS Express ™ at the convention. We have dedicated many hours to researching the biggest challenges our clients face. WCS Express™ is the application we designed based on the feedback we received from our clients. We are very excited about the potential for this application.

We will be deploying our new application in the next few months. And, now thanks to the opportunity to meet so many regulatory professionals at RAPS Convergence, we will have the opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities to even more of our regulatory partners.

How Efficient Document Processing Can Make Money for YOUR Company

Having just returned from the Medical Device Manufacturer’s Association meeting in Washington, DC, I must relate a conversation I had with an Executive from a major medical device manufacturing company.

After explaining that I worked for WCS, the premier document authentication and legalization company in the industry, he proceeded to tell me how he viewed the regulatory department at his company.

He related that when he reports to the Board of Directors, he describes Regulatory Affairs division as an asset, not an expense to the company.  Indeed, he said the work they do in RA is as important as any other work in the organization and directly relates to bottom line results.

To make his point with the Board, he explained the following:

  1. Our company generates approximately $2.4 billion in annual revenue;
  2. That means the company generates approximately $200 million in monthly revenue;
  3. Accordingly, it costs the company $6.6 million dollars for each day’s delay in getting products legally available for sale overseas.

$6.6 million dollars…every day!

 This is how efficient document processing makes money for overseas businesses.   So, if  you’re not focusing on efficiency in your overseas document processing, you may be costing your company a lot of money.  Maybe much more than you think!

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WCS Takeaways from RAPS 2015 Regulatory Convergence in Baltimore

This year, I had the good fortune of attending the annual Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society (RAPS) Regulatory Convergence in Baltimore, MD. Being my first Regulatory Convergence, I was excited and unsure of what to expect. As I walked into the massive convention center near the Inner Harbor, I was taken aback by the amount of attendees. I didn’t know where to begin.

This event was truly a convergence, a meeting of the minds, where regulatory professionals with very impressive pedigrees provided interactive sessions covering a host of current regulatory issues.

Having a legal background, I attended the session on “Common Challenges Facing Lawyers in our Globalized Medical Products Industry.” The seasoned attorneys on the panel led an interesting discussion about the necessity of communication between regulatory and legal departments within a company andthe need to anticipate potential issues and addressing them proactively instead of reactively.

I found the session about the Ebola Vaccine Development Response to be fascinating. I felt compelled to sit in on this session, as I live less than a mile from NIH and was watching the helicopter that transported the first Ebola patient to the NIH facilities from my front porch. It was truly amazing to hear how the various agencies came together to execute the approval of the life-saving treatment in such an expedited fashion.

Between the well-executed, informative sessions, the impressive exhibit hall, and the welcoming and friendly nature of the attendees, the 2015 RAPS Convergence did not disappoint. I look forward to attending future RAPS events.


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