U.S. State Department Extends Processing Time to 12 Weeks

U.S. State Department Extends Processing Time to 12 Weeks

U.S. DOS, Office of Authentications, Institutes Significant Increase in Turnaround Times

WCS confirms that documents submitted to U.S. DOS are now taking 12-13 weeks to process. A substantial increase from the 5 weeks previously promised, the revised timeline presents a new pain point for those needing document authentication for overseas use. WCS continues to advocate, as we did during the pandemic, for improved timelines, working closely with elected officials and State Department authorities. The cause of the new timeline expansion is a dramatic increase, post-pandemic, in U.S. passport applications, which taps the same manpower resource as document authentication.

Expedited Services Available for Key Countries

A list of countries, recognizing the importance of global trade and supply chain efficiencies, has approved workaround procedures to expedite document authentications. Most comprehensive is the program of Vietnam, implementing expedited procedures for all types of documents: general and Federal. Egypt, Kuwait, U.A.E, Taiwan, Lebanon, and Iraq offer restricted programs, with expedited handling available for restricted document categories. Details about which documents qualify for this type of rush handling are easily accessible at www.wcss.com, using WCS Express™ for online ordering. Our consultants will clarify any concerns you may have before choosing the Rush option. You may contact us directly at info@wcss.com to inquire further.

Speed to Market: Our WCS Commitment

We recognize that prolonged processing times impose consequences upon global trade and the effective delivery of crucial products, such as medicines and medical devices, to the hands of those in need. WCS remains confident that our involvement with government officials and advocacy posture will eventually result in better turnaround times. Meanwhile, we maintain our focus on process efficiency and optimal delivery schedules.

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