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International business and trade transactions require that the documents reflecting exchanges be authenticated. We get more specific in questions below.
Great question. In a nutshell, documents from one country that you want to use in another country (eg. business documents, diplomas, transcripts, etc.) require validation (ie. legalization/authentication) by the other country to be recognized as valid in their legal system. Learn more
Another good question. Our WCS experts have crafted a great definition of an Apostille and also explain how to get one here.
If you know what an apostille is, you can find out more about Apostille Seals or Stamps here.

Easy rule of thumb is:

  • Participating Countries – Hague Convention = Apostille
  • Non-participating countries – Hague Convention = separate Embassy Legalization process

Still not sure? Here is the complete list

You are welcome to check our country pages, which are updated regularly. You can also follow us on LinkedIn or Facebook or our blog for the latest news in this sector.
You must apostille your document with the Secretary of State in the State that your document was issued. Unfortunately, if it is not in DC or Maryland we cannot help you with this particular process. But you are certainly welcome to contact us if you have other questions.
WCS offers translation services. All you have to do is scan or email us a copy of the document with your specific requirements (ie. what language you need to have the document translated to) so we can provide a price quote for you. Easy!
The United States Department of State provides authentication services to U.S. citizens and foreign nationals.
Fair question. Our rates are competitive but vary as we often have promotions and provide special pricing to regular and high volume customers. Get in touch with your specific needs for a free price quote.
Turnaround time for documents varies depending on the Embassy and any other service that tells you otherwise is not being honest with you. What we can promise is that once you send us all the paperwork we need, we process your document on the SAME DAY. That means it’s out the door on the same day. If there is something else we need, we will let you know within 24 hours.
Don’t worry and take a breath. That’s what we are here for. WCS has 30 years of experience helping customers with expert efficiency. We can help you navigate the often-convoluted process and get it done. The first step for you is to drop us a line by using our online form or giving us a call. We look forward to serving you!

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