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Businesses growing in global markets must continuously manage the processes associated with meeting countries’ regulatory requirements for the sale and distribution of their products. Over time, a company may establish a significant library of authorizations and authentications for legal operation in each country where it does business. But, what happens when a company merges with or is acquired by another?

Here are a few actions we recommend:

  • Plan Ahead: Before a merger or acquisition is finalized, it’s important to audit the authentications your company maintains, and what will need to be updated in the new entity. Plan ahead by developing an inventory of documentation.
  • Determine Requirements: As with other aspects of an M&A event, redundancies likely exist between entities. Determine where there are overlaps and where there are gaps to create a list of requirements for regulatory filings and document authentication. Understand which legal entity will exist after the M&A event, and what will be required to maintain business.
  • Prepare Filings: Processing times vary by country and by document type for obtaining an apostille or authentication. Prepare the documents that will require legalization.

Consult with an expert in authentication services to expedite the filing process and ensure continuity of business operations after a merger or acquisition. WCS is your concierge for document legalization, and stands ready to support your business through every stage of growth.

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