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In constant pursuit of enhanced Customer Experience, WCS has entered the final stage of our latest investment in online service-delivery. 

Leading the way in apostilles and legalizations, WCS has already placed many of the new features online, including a new Conversation Tab, accessible on the Order page. 

In one consolidated folder, clients can conduct dialogues with our expert document-processors, as well as review document orders, including pricing, timeline, geographical distribution, and more.

Another significant feature, nearing completion, is the consolidation of WCS Express™ (our ordering platform) and WCS SecureShare™ (our encrypted document transmission platform) into a unitary sign-in.

In June, we established our International tab, enabling clients to designate documents with OUS origination (Outside of U.S.).

We have also upgraded our reporting and data-management capabilities, enabling advanced and customized reports for revenue performance, customer spend, and ancillary costs. 

Additionally, clients will be automatically prompted to upload shipping labels when placing an order, saving time and money later in the process. As always, however, we provide the convenient option of providing shipping via Fedex. 

Even better than sending original documents is having a process that can be completed with digital copies. We keep you current on the growing number of document-types and destinations that qualify for 100% digital transactions. Our client simply uploads the document—and we take it from there.

Recently, we had a certified third-party run a PEN test, and we achieved the highest levels of cyber security. Specifically, we passed the stringent security requirements of the European Union.

Taken as a whole, these enhancements serve a core purpose: to alleviate your staff’s workload and increase your speed-to-market. 

Set up an account today—at . . and let WCS manage your documentary needs, with apostilles and legalizations made easy.

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