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WCS recently engaged a cybersecurity firm to conduct a penetration test. 

The testing confirmed that our processing application, WCS Express™, exceeds software-industry requirements—including the stringent data-privacy standards of the European Union.

The recently completed “pen test” highlights a commitment to advanced customer solutions and technology investments that have been hallmarks of our enterprise. A major advancement in this area was completed in 2018, when we developed and rolled out WCS Express™, enabling state-of-the-art online ordering. With WCS Express™, customers can place and track document orders, include special instructions, and submit questions. 

WCS Express™ does even more: Customers can track payments and pay invoices directly from the application. Do you want to know if your document is currently at the U.S. Department of State or an Embassy? Do you need to confirm your document was shipped? You can check and confirm it in your WCS Express™ account. You can also check on estimated date-of-completion, as well as run activity reports detailing your previous documents with line-item cost analysis.

Soon after launching WCS Express™, we created and trademarked another tech platform, WCS SecureShare™. This platform secures the highly confidential documents we handle, as well as the growing number of documents with exclusive electronic handling. With WCS SecureShare™, documents are scanned and sent between WCS and our customers in an encrypted format, guaranteeing confidentiality. This platform, combined with the recent pen test, confirms and enhances this commitment to ironclad cybersecurity. 

For 38 years, WCS has successfully processed over 500,000 US-origin documents. Now, with our cyber certification, WCS is expanding our services to clients with documents originating outside the United States—including international documents from the EU, UK, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East. 

Put another way: our services are now global, your sensitive information is safe-and-secure, and our network of service providers gets the job done economically and efficiently.

Let us navigate your vital documents through regulatory channels and provide an ultimate level of professional support for document apostilles and legalizations.

Set up an account today, directly from our website , and let’s get started!

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