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As business becomes more globalized, WCS has moved to the forefront, authenticating overseas documents in the EU, UK, and Canada.

We have established a network of affiliate offices in the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, and Canada, and we are planning for additional expansion. With this network, WCS now processes apostilles and legalizations originating outside the US (OUS). During our launch period in the  fourth quarter of 2021, we successfully authenticated hundreds of documents originating in Europe and the UK. 

Based on customer response, we project accelerated growth in OUS documents in 2022. Our affiliate office in the Netherlands will serve as the hub for the WCS portfolio of EU pharmaceutical companies, due to the 2019 relocation of the EMA (European Medicines Agency) to Amsterdam.

With 38 years’ experience and more than 500,000 documents processed, WCS is a proven service provider for US companies needing international document processing. Since expanding the scope-of-service to OUS markets, we understand the ways this involves each sovereign nation’s distinct regulations.  As subject experts for both Hague and non-Hague countries, WCS is uniquely positioned to chart and manage the navigation of documents through regulatory bodies and embassies.

Critical to our global capability has been a significant tech-forward investment over recent years. Utilizing trademarked technology platforms, our clients save time and money with automated ordering for apostilles and legalizations, irrespective of a document’s point of origination. 

WCS Express™ enables clients, in addition to centralized, automated ordering, to track documents and settle invoices directly from the platform. You can also check estimated dates-of-completion, as well as run activity reports detailing your previous documents with line-item cost analysis.

WCS SecureShare™ ensures safe transfer of proprietary documents. This is a critical feature, as government agencies move steadily toward digital signatures—eliminating the need, in many cases, for original hard-copies to be shipped and handled.

Ever vigilant in the field of cyber-security, WCS recently conducted a PEN test with a licensed third-party. The certification we received enables us to comply with stringent EU cyber-security standards.

What is the future of apostilles and legalizations at WCS? Our roadmap to 2022 includes the Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East Gulf region. Documents-without-borders is the mission, and the 2021 record proves we are uniquely positioned to provide integrated services with global scope. WCS has responded to these growing demands, and we are proud to unveil the success of our efforts. 

WCS will continue to grow our global reach, and we will keep you updated as we expand our services.

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